Frustrated Career and growth

Why Do I Feel Stuck In Life And Career

A lot of young adults sometimes get to that point in life where they feel stuck in their career and are like what am i doing with my life at the point, looking for an external fault sometimes might not be the case as the solution might be within and not on the outside. You would need to ask yourself at some point what type of career growth is most important to you, this are the first step to self actualization and understanding that there is a fix that needs to be done within before the external factors come in play.

The place of mentorship in your drive to success cannot be overemphasised, how to ask for mentorship for someone who feels lost in life might seem like a challenge but it is no issue when you discover it is what you need to live a self accomplished life.

In the journey of life you need to be referred to, which is what mentorship would give to you easily.

The quality of every individual competing in this oversaturated world is as a result of the quality of previous experiences done, you don’t get certain jobs by no experience or getting a job by no experience jobs done.

Discipline is a fundamental step to gain outstanding career success, there is a saying that until you do something over and over again you might be limited to the amount of results you can achieve, you wouldnt know your capabilities until you try a thing, just figure out what it is you want to do and achieving it would be the next easy thing to you if done over and over again. The power of self discipline in todays word cannot be overemphasised

John Milton said “As the morning shows the day so the child shows the man”,

A great result begins from the beginning, the state of your life is the fertile season, the day you set aside to discipline yourself is the day you start getting close to achieving result and living a fulfilled life.

Just as you breathe to live you need to plan to achieve, creative mind plan to achieve purpose. purpose is dead without the right amount of time dedicated towards planning,

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